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Main entrance to Nostalgimuseum Grängesberg.


The owner of a local blacksmith workshop, the supervisor J.M. Esséns build this car 1920-1924. The engine is since long time gone but is supposed to have been an engine of German mark.

The supervisor must have had good hands with wood. See also the pedals placement and the modern gearbox layout.

Buick 4.4 Open Tourer. Sorry but this car is sold and no longer a member of the museum.


Triumph Model H 550 cc. Manufactured 1918 and brought into traffic 1920 in Sweden.


DeSoto Firedome V8 1955. 2 doors Hard top.

Info Hudson.

Hudson Serie 58 1946. Engine 6 cyl 202 cc, 102 hp, 3 geared with overdrive.


Ford Junior 1933.

Info Ford T

Ford T

Svalan equipped with NSU-engine, 250 cc and 10.5 hp. Produced in city of Falun Sweden.

Tiger TZ 1952 with Zündapp 7.5 hp 200 cc. Sold at Öhman mc shop in Stocholm Sweden.

Centrum mc equipped with JB engine and 3 geared box 150 cc.

Ariel 500 VG 1932. Ariel had 1932 4 valves top, but went back to 2 valved 1933. They had problem with cracks. Too less material between valves.

Eduarado Bianchi 1936 500 cc.

Ardie 500 1929.

NSU Max. Models up to 1954, and after that you could get NSU Max and Supermax. Engines with 15, 17, and 18 hp.

NSU Fox could be bought as 2-stroke or 4-stroke.

NSU Quick 1951.

DKW Hummel.


Surrac 1914. 2-stroke cycle mc with snifting valve geared magnet. 280 cc 3.5 hp. Manufactured by Sjöstrand´s mechanical Workshop in Rävvåla Saxdalen Dalarna Sweden.

Surrac 1917. Manufactured by Sjöstrand's Mechanical Workshop Rävvåla Saxdalen in county o Dalarna Sweden. Front light karbid. See also previous picture.

BSA Iceracer 1928.

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