JAWA Minor Roadster 1938. Ref. 1
JAWA Minor Roadster 1938. Ref. 1

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Lamborghini story


Collection of Lambourghini cars. Ref. 1
Collection of Lambourghini cars. Ref. 1

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Isotta Fraschini Torpedo engine
Not shown

Isotta Fraschini torbedoe engine W18. Ref. 1
Isotta Fraschini torpedoe engine W18. Ref. 1Isotta Fraschini från fd Skokloster museum. Ref. 1
Isotta Fraschini engine in Köping bilmuseum. Ref. 1



Isotta Fraschini

Torpedoe boats

About MTB engines





Isotta Faschini torpedoe boat engine W18. Ref. 1
Isotta Faschini torpedoe boat engine W18. Ref. 1
There are some names that a car interested person in Sweden must know and these they proudly mention in discussions during club meetings.

One of these names is Curt Borgenstam, navy attaché for Sweden. He was the man who built up the Swedish torpedo boats defense.

Having such a work he could travel much and also was one of the men who bought the unhappy destroyers from Italy.

The engines that later were mounted in the Swedish built boats were Isotta Fraschini and one of them can be seen at this museum.

It has three rows of 6 cylinders each and is often called a W6 engine and had an output if 1500 ps. In those boats that were built in late 1950, three of these engines where working.

Have a look in the picture far back you can see "the handbrake level" which handles the coupling for idle running. Later the output was raised to 1800 ps.

One type of torpedo boat engine, is T-100, had no reverse gear. This boat had three V-20 diesel engines with 2500 ps each.

Instead one engine stopped and the camshaft pushed so the engine turned in opposite direction, when started.

This was done for example every time the boat made port.

Isotta Fraschini engines were often built in airplanes which Sweden bought from Italy.

Among them the Caproni bomber/reconnaissance.

Jan Blomkvist who was my boss during my time at Hedemora Diesel some years, is today a reseller for Isotta Fraschini, placed in Hälsingborg.

The engine on picture was sold at auction for 43000 Skr October 2015.

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Unknown engine



Unknpwn engine type. Ref. 1
Unknown engine type. Ref. 1

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Unknown front end. Ref. 1
Unknown front end. Ref. 1

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Car with airplane jet engine

Info Silver streak. Ref. 1
Info Silver streak. Ref. 1 Info Arnold Sundquist car Silver Streak. Ref.1
Info Arnold Sundquist car Silver Streak. Ref.1
Silver Streak. Ref 1
Silver Streak. when it was paced at Motala museum. Ref. 1
Delage caproni racer. Ref. 1
Delage caproni racer. Ref. 1
Info text at former exhibition in Motala museum. Ref. 1
Arnold info page 1 at Motala museum. Ref. 1
Translated text


Silver Streak in Swedish

Bloodhound project

Chefsingenjören in Swedish

Home built race cars in Swedish

T80 World record car
Arnold Sundquist Jet Car. Ref. 1
Arnold Sundquist Jet Car. Ref. 1
About Arnold Sundquist there is no serious story written. There is hard to find ifnomation about this man and I think he is still alive (2017)?

Annyway he has made his name known for building a four wheels record speed car equipped with jet engine. Even if the power was available he never succeeded in his wishes.

When looking at the car at Autoseum museum it i is easy to understand why not the building was not made with sufficient knowledge about wheel cars made for 1000 km/h.

Arnold was the son of the owner of Partille Hard chrome factory in Partille near Gothenburg. Lived first in Motala but soon moved to Gothenburg. Here he was sent to USA for education the kind is not known. His stay in USA resulted that he attested in US air force and became a educated pilot. What kind is not known. There are also pictures showing that he can fly helicopter as a pilot.

Inside a blogg I have found that he was some kind of  surveyor for airplanes accredit by some organisation in America.

He returned to Sweden, when his father died to take over the factory in Partille.

At this time he had bought a Westinghouse Jet engine, which he took with him to Sweden. His Jet speed car was built before 1971.

I was a organizer of entertainments at a dragster competition at Mantorp and had to control time schedule when he should made his drive. What I remember his team could not get the engine to run properly. May be that was the history with the press people who didn't moved to a more secure place. I suspect that it took to long time for this and there where no time left for his preparations.
On the other hand I had the same function when Sammy Miller was there to drive his Oxygen speed car. It had a special function. The engine only worked for a few seconds and it was regarded as an explosion and he disappeared from the grid.

Back to Arnold. He brought his speed car to England 1971 in order to make a test run. He was not lucky. The car started good, but crossed the finishing line backwards. His speed was clocked  which is betoken between 418 km/h.

Futher activities by Arnold is hazy, but the jet car, which was built by parts, in front end, from a Merceds lorry and the spring system from a Citroen DS. This is an information which I don't find thrustworthy. All was welded together by someone not educated in welding.

Certain statements have by blogg webbsites been put in Arnolds mouth, as that the acceleration was so strong that the driver could not press the brake pedal and instead he pulled it.

About forces given by a jet engine, it is popular to change over to horsepower (hk). Everything can be recounted but a jet engine works with traction. This is the power which works on the bolts which keep the engine in place. If you visit the Robot museum in Arboga you can see this and speculate over the construction. All power goes over 2+1 about 30 mm thick bolts. Good steel of course. Today all these kind of parts are hipped by Bodycote in Surahammar.

Read my links which tell details, but be suspicious.

Arnold car became of course an exhibition car and as such, it stood for a long time at Motala museum, but today, since 2015, at Autoseum. The same destiny got the Caproni car built around the engine first exhibited at Custom Show 2013.

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JAWA Minor Roadster 1938

INFO JAWA MInor Roadster 1938. Ref. 1
Info JAWA MInor Roadster 1938. Ref. 1


JAWA renovering

Jawa 1

Frantisek Janesek


JAWA Minor Roadster 1937. Ref. 1
JAWA Minor Roadster 1937. Ref. 1
Aero. Ref. 1
Aero. Ref. 1
Info Aero Mini 1938. Ref. 1
Info Aero Mini 1938. Ref. 1

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Kewet Citybil 1993

KEWET City car. Ref. 1
KEWET City car. Ref. 1


Dansk elbil

Kewet Citybil 1993 Denmark. Ref. 1
Kewet Citybil 1993 Denmark. Ref. 1

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Danish Automobilfabrikk Voitureette 1898

Danish Automobilfabrikk Voiturette 1898. Ref. 1
Danish Automobilfabrikk Voiturette 1898. Ref. 1Dansk Automobilfabrikk at former Skokloster museum. Ref. 1
Dansk Automobilfabrikk at former Skokloster museum. Ref. 1
Danish Automobilfabrikk  at former Skokloster museum. Ref. 1
Danish Automobilfabrikk at former Skokloster museum. Ref. 1


Dansh Automobil

De Dion Bouton

Danish Automobilfabrikk Voiturette. Ref. 1
Danish Automobilfabrikk Voiturette. Ref. 1
Dansk Automobilefabrik Voiturette 1898.
St. Kongsg./ Köpenhavn. Denmark.

H.C- Christiansen started a service shop for cycles 1896 in Copenhagen. Two years later he started to build 3- wheelers with engine.

The cars were quite primitive with 2 gears front driving and no rear gear. The clutch was by metal and an centralized chain for each gear.

In this three wheeler the passengers were placed "Vis-a-Vis". The driver sat in the rear seat and had the passengers turned against him sitting in the front seat.

Engine: 1 cyl, air cooled 4,5 ps petrol engine. Power system: The rear wheel was driven by a cog-wheel with two speeds and chains between engine and gear box. There was no rear drive and if the driver had to push the car. (From info paper 11.1.1909 part 5a)

The owner can be seen on a photo with his two daughters in front of the hospital in Malmö 1908.

The car came to Malmö 1903 and was used till 1921.

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J35 Draken


Swedish air museum


Autoseum museum. Ref. 1
Drivers set in a Jeep. Assembled in Sweden 1949.
Autoseum museum. Ref. 1
Searched for assembled year. Scania-Vabis had for a short time agency for Willys 1945-46 before Volkswagen.
Autoseum museum. Ref. 1
Here is the model CJ-2 A. Willys Overland Motors Toledo USA.
Autoseum museum. Ref. 1
One nice picture from this J35.
Autoseum museum. Ref. 1
The same from the front. The fighter is in bad condition.

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