Public ward 1 with F3 from 1950. Ref. 1
Public room 1 F3 from 1950. Ref. 1
Motala museum MC part 1
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Motala museum. Ref. 1
Side valve engine in Huskvarna model 180.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Moto Guzzi. Note the unconventional engine mount and the cylinder directed forward. The valve system is open and is exposed from front wheel dirt.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
MV Augusta. Count Giovanni Augusta started the company 1923. Their main production was for the Italian air force. Giovanne died already 1927 and the company was taken over by his wife and sons.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
CZ was an old motorcycle producer, but also very large with military weapons. This was a reason why the Nazis wished to control the factory in Czechoslovakia. After the war production of motorcycles started again. This is a competition one produced only a few copies.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
The CZ engine for the competition cycle.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Info CZ 125 cc 1959.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
A single cylinder Indian.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
V2 Indian 1928.
Motala museum. Ref. 1

4 cylinder Indian 1938. 1265 cc 40 ps. Indian bought the ACE production which was bankruptcy. This engine is almost an ACE. It is called the upside down. This means that inlet is in the top and outlet is as side valve.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Info Indian Four 1938
Motala museum. Ref. 1
David Senning. He was a vet and also interested in motorcycles. With help he constructed a mc with a casted frame. His family came from Smaland but moved and settled in a Dala-Husby, a small village in Dalarna near Borlänge. As a vet he worked the first years in Rattvik. The center for his production of this mc was in Borlange. The mc was equipped with either a Motosacoche or MAG engine. The cycle was only produced for some years before the company ceased. The cycle got the initials of David Senning. DS.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
From the beginning Rumi was a casting factory producing small part for the textile industry. During WWII Rumi got orders for submarines and torpedoes.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
When the war was over, Rumi decides to start with motorcycles. The Rumi engine was a 2 cylinders two-stroke and 125 cc. During the 1969 th there was eonomical difficults and the company was liquidated. The owner Donnino Rumi went back to do what he loved most, to be a sculptor.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Thought this was a Rumi, but it is not. May be a MV Augusta.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Triumph heritage is from the beginning a German firm founded by Sigfried Bettman, who immigrated to England from the German Empire. Here he opened an import export firm 1883. This was, 1885, named Triumph Cycle Company. The factory was placed in the industry town of Coventry. He also started TWN in Germany.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Triumph has a very up and down history and among, it went bankruptcy during time between wars. Bettman disappeared from the board 1933 and Jacob Sangster bought the company 1936.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
1902 the first motorcycle was produced with a Belgian engine. Triumph had a very up and down history and among, it went bankruptcy during time between wars. Bettman disappeared from the board 1933 and Jacob Sangster bought the company 1936.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
A rotation 5 cylinder star engine mounted inside the wheel.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Very curious as the whole mc is preserved. Unknown mark.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
When motorcycles started to be expensive the following help engine for cycles was offered. It had an engine giving 1 ps. The neme was Smith Motor wheel. The owner had worked Had bought the company where he worked. Over 60000 engines were sold. Later he sold the company to Briggs which became Briggs and Stratton.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
In the English town Wolverhampton tere was a 15 year old boy, 1851, who search jobb at a factory producing Japanese parts. It was John Marston. After 8 years he stopped working and opened his own firm. Here he med an motorcycle with 2 cylinder straight engine. On of this kind can be seen at Falköping museum.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Marston's former master Edward Perry considered John to be so good worker and he transferred his firm to John when he died. 1871.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Douglas is a mc badge which came on the market already 1907. The owners kept it until 1935, when they sold the copmany to the Bond Investments. The engine construction was cylinders working against each other and it gave Friz in Germany the idea for the construction of BMW. Read more in my website Eds MC museum.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
The Swedish motorcycle Union was produced in Åmål. Only few copies were sold befor bankruptcy. Read more in websites Arvika and Eds museum and Ohs foundry.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
No comments, but it must be an Italian mc.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Cycle help engine Disella.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Info about Rex with Villiers engine.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Info about Disella. When Skafte Rasmussen moved back to Denmark after the war, he started to produce a moped named Disella.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
One early EBE. This cycle is history when K.G. Lindquist from Gävle constructed this help engine for bicycles 1917. This help engine was so interesting that the two Swedish princes Carls and Bertil bought one each.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
A typical help engine probably from Germany
Motala museum. Ref. 1
1902 - 1965. FN was a company situated close to Sarolea in the Belgian town Herstal. They started to produce heavy war material. The also after WWI started with motorcycles. Teuur mc had what other didn't have drive with cardan instead of chain.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Guiseppe Gilera was born in the lucky time when everything was possible. You just must have good idéas and fond of engines. Born 1887 in northern Italy he started 15 year old to practice as mechanic at Bianchi working with motorcycles.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
No comment, mark unknown.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Help info for MC badges.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
1926 started family Ducati a firm in Bologna including some investers. Their aim was to produce radio components. During WWII theri factory building were totaly destroyed during the German retreat by allied bombings. This mc has overhead desmodromic valve system.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
See text to the left.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Sarolea was established 1850 as a firm producing parts for weapons and cycles by Joseph Sarolea. He died 1894 but the next owner was energetic and succeeded to run the firm till 1949. The last mc with new owner came 1956.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
MV Augusta was established by Count Giovanni Augusta 1923. During the war he was a sub producer for airplanes. Giovanni died already 1927 and the compny continued during lead of sons and wife. At the end of the war they had to start with motorcycles in order to keep the workers. 1945 they had a prototype ready.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
S.O.K. is a cycle I don't know about. It seems also to be a special built.
Motala museum. Ref. 1
Huskvarna famous 1000 cc competition cycle.

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