Engine for  LT-bil no 2. Ref 1
Engine for LT-bil no 2.

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Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
In the childhood of motorism an engineer, David Buick work with construction of stationary steam machines for agriculture. Any way his goal was to produce a car of his own and to sell it all over United States.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Hallo if you are interested in Chevrolet. Let's start with knowledge about Switzerland. this country is organized in cantons. In one of these clock manufactures had by time assembled. In Neuchatêl a man was born 1878, second son to Joseph-Félicien, clock manufacture. He got the name Louis-Joseph Chevrolet.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Louis started his own company 1911, named Chevrolet Motor Car Co together with Durant. Several people, working with Durant, had different views about how to construct cars. This was also the case with Louis. He quite and sold all his shares in Chevrolet Car.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
FIAT. But, suddenly the name Ceirano Battista 1860-1912 showed on my screen and here I had the solution. This man who was the oldest of three brothers had travelled to Turin about 1890 to get education. With his brothers John and Matthew the rented a small place in order to produce cycles. Here another 2 men worked, who later should be famous racing drivers. Felice Nazzarro and Vincenso Lancia. These men knew the construction of a car at this time and also another person Aristide Faccioli. He designed a car in which they mounted a 633 cc engine. This car became a certain amount of success.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
The car Rugby is a part of the story about William Durant 1861-1947. Durant created the first part of General Motors and during this time he also merged several well known car badges. There were Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Oakland and Chevrolet.He was a difficult person to cooperate with. Chrysler happened to start his business work with Durant. This behavior should strike back on Durant and 1920 he was forced out of GM.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
In England there was already a registered badge Star. It existed between 1898 and 1932. Therefore the Star car instead got the name Rugby as the export name.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
After the principal declaration, for car production, it was decided that Gustaf should take out drawings for a car. With these drawings as a base Assar should sell the idea to SKF in order to get money. Gustaf who was employed at AB Galco. This company had such production that they should let them produce the test series. Anyway he had to continue with his ordinary work. Now he changed his living apartment at Rådmansgatan in the south side of Stockholm for a construction office. Here together with some selected engineers like Jan G Smith the construction drawings were made. The name Volvo was still hidden in desk box in Gothenburg.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
At this time Chevrolet had established i Sweden and several Volvo ideas must have come from this car. This car was mounted in Stockholm. The rims with which the test cars got were delivered from Chevrolet. It was important to save money.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Carl Benz 1844-1929, earned his money by building gasmotoren. These were manufactured in Mannheim factory. During this time he was intensively working to carry out his idea about the self-running wagon. For this he couldn't use gas engines. He developed for this purpose a small 4-stroke petrol engine. It gave 0.4 ps at 400 rpm. The chassis that Benz constructed had only 3 wheels. He didn't succeed to develop a mechanism good enough for steering a four wheeler. Later when Benz died all became Mercedes-Benz.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Several old car marks got birth from a energetic contractor when he bought a car producer which had economical problems. This was the way for John Willys who 1908 bought Overland Automotive of Standard Wheel Company. This company became the next biggest car producer after Ford in America. This went on from 1912 up to 1918. Remember that all production for civilian market went down tremendously when war started. This was not bad for Willys because he earned much money from the military.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
John Willys used all his money to develop his company and products. When he earned much money he had to place them by buying other companies, who had interesting products. He also bought smaller companies who had developed special cars.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
The company Ransom Eli Olds was later bought by White Trucks and REO was merged into Diamond T in order to win effects for common productions. Volvo trucks show up as a partner in White in the end of 1990. During the WWII there were no production problems but after the war the companu was in trouble. During a period they produced garden machines and marine engines and had also other types of activities.Diamod T.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Olds creation which ended in a restructured company in scrap (recycling) line of business. May be a hard word but Nucor Corporation works with recycling of iron scrap. (Interesting site). The recycling for Nucor 2007 represent a recycled SUV car every fourth second.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Spare wheel for Diamond T. Wonder if Ransom Eli Olds, who died 1950, was satified with what bocome of his creation.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Ford 1932 5 windovs coupé.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
 Adam Opel  lived between 1837 to 1895. The first car from Opel was build in cooperation with Friedrich Lutzmann 1899. It had a bad sales that's mean none was sold and their agreement was canceled after 2 years. Then one of Adam's sons made an agreement with French car producer Darraq about delivery of chassis with 2 cylinder engines. Opel mounted car body on this 1901. Either this car got enough with buyers and this project was also canceled. Now Opel went in for a car of their own.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Triumph Motor Co was sold to Standard Motor Co 1944. The main reason was to produce a past war car. It was for the purpose to sell one standard simple car and one sporty. The sporty one got the name Triumph 1800 Roadster. It became so popular that the trademark Triumph became more known than Standard. The new car with modern design, so called Razor Edge, got the name Triumph Renown. One similar car was sold as Triumph Mayflower.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Triumph heritage is from the beginning a German firm founded by Sigfried Bettman, who immigrated to England from the German Empire. Here he opened an import export firm 1883. This was, 1885, named Triumph Cycle Company. The factory was placed in the industry town of Coventry. Up to WWI Triumph produced even motorcycles for export to Germany. They were sold during different names till then the company TWN was formed. 1918 Triumph was the largest producer of motorcycles in England.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Anglia engine area.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Once upon a time there was a grocer in city of Torsby. The year was 1909 or earlier. His name was Anders Rudolf Lindström. 1884-1932. One can have the feeling that he was not sufficient with this and thought that it was not his task i life.In spare time he planned to produce something which should be alike a self rolling vehicle. In his storeroom he was working with assembling his first vehicle.
Torsby Car museum. Ref. 1
Now a car was growing in the old workshop. The engine which Anders had made drawings for, was made at Solberga Works in Forshaga. All which during the second part of 1900 have worked at machine shops may remember the well known Solberga drilling machine. The assembling of the engine which Resare was responsible for, had 2 cyl. in a V and was air cold. It gave 20 ps. This was the cause for the the car got a virtual cooler, made of standing small copper pipes. Gottfrid designed the car body. According the customary of the time it was made of veneer sheet.

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