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Click for my Ferrari 860 at Roskilde 1967. Ref 1 Other race cars. Here Diva Valkyr. Ref 1 Click for my Lotus 15 1958 at Skarpnäck. Ref 1 Click for B-Ford 32 Roadster Hot Rod with Olds -54. Ref 1


Race, oldies, touring, standard and MC,
those type of cars which I have had interests for in my life.

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Custom Show 2008
Cadillac Eldorado 1970
Cadillac deVille 1973
Lotus 15
Zundapp KS50
BSA Lightning 1970
Sarolea Vedette 1951
Puch Monza
MC Collection Stockholm
Read all letters when selling the Ferrari 1968

Look at videos about my Ferrari Monza. Follow this link and click on pictures.

Click for my Lincoln Continental 1975.  Ref. 1 Click for my Cadillac Eldorado 1970. Ref 1

Click for my Sarolea Vedette 1951. Ref 1

Click for brother Jan's cars. Allard K2 at Karlskoga 1966. Ref 1

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Ref. 1 is Björn Bellander.
Ref. 7 is Karlskoga newspaper 1966.
Ref. 8 is Ill. Motorsport Lance Photo Ulf Karlsson.
Ref. 9 is Idrottsbladet
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