Cadillac 56. Ref 1
Cadillac 56. Ref 1

Cadillac Coupé deVille 56
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Björn Bellander
My mother had died 1988 and she left some money for her children. God Bless Her. This gave me the possibility to build a garage and money left to buy a Cadillac. Since I end up racing I had only standard cars like Volkswagen, Saab, Peugeot. A Cadillac Coupé de Ville 1956. The actual purchase happened when my brother and I visited swap meet at Ånnaboda outside Örebro. Here a car paper in Sweden, Classic Motor, arrange a yearly meeting. To this place only the best and most interesting cars show up. I didn't know if any suitable car would come but it was more possible than in other places.
In front of garage together with Hondas. Ref 1
In front of garage together with Hondas. Ref 1
Rear feathers seems to be weak. Ref 1
Rear feathers seems to be weak. Ref 1
The habit to visit a market goes like this. One go there with an classic car, then you don't need to pay entrance fee.
The first you have to do is to make the buying round. That means to look over all the junks which are for sale. Perhaps something which I am interested of. When this is done the stomach must have food. Bringing out our food package sitting down among all cars that are for show. There is always some sort of goal at this kind of visit. To find a special part, to meet someone, just strolling around or as in our case to find a Cadillac for sale. There was one too. It had nice color looked fine, was overhauled from rust, nice instruments. Of course clock and temp meter did not function. The car  had a price of Skr 90000, a normal price for this model. As all seller say "If I don't get this price it can stand there until it has disappeared of rust." It was not possible to get a lower price. The guy came from Borås, center for textile industry in Sweden.
He was going to buy a Corvette that's why he needed the money. I didn't like his type, but he behaved well. Inside he had covered seats with a blanket, which I, my idiot, didn't looked under. It showed up that seats were heavily worn, specially the place where the driver slide down behind steering wheel. Otherwise we looked at all places as learned. Under cover in luggage room and so on. The engine looked nice and clean and no oil everywhere. I did a test tour down to the nearest community and everything was well. Gearbox did what it was supposed to do. One thing was that I had some engine chatter. I thought it depends on my way of driving. We came back and business was settled. This was in the beginning of June 1990. My wife was not glad for this purchase and did not spend a second of interest for my 90000 car. She had expected wallpaper and furniture. Bah, for her long nose. This was perhaps the beginning of our divorce.

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In front of garage. Ref 1
In front of garage. Ref 1
Rear luggage area. Note spare wheel placement. Ref 1
Rear luggage area. Note spare wheel placement. Ref 1
No matter with wife. She had to bow for fact, and I hade several more cars later which we used for driving i Sweden and had nice times. I had to bow for the constitution of the car. Gearbox was leaking oil, but I thought it was due to the gearbox pan. I could only change packing. I did it and the leakage became less. Now I understood that it was the turbine that let oil out. This was a to big job for me at this time. When I drove home to Virsbo, those 250 km, I found that the consumption of petrol was to much. It showed up to be 3 l/10 km. This must be fixed and the carburetor was dismantled. The needles was not mounted. I knew that I could buy a renovated carburetor from a  firm outside Gothenburg if I send in my old one.
A mechanical dirty door panel. Ref 1
A mechanical dirty door panel. Ref 1
Engine compartment. Ref 1
Engine compartment. Ref 1

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Now this problem was fixed. The car rolled, but I felt very worried. This became strengthened when I discovered oil leakage in the main entrance for drive prop. This was quite much so I hade to check oil frequently in rear end. It had to be repaired. Sealers were bought and was for the moment put on shelf. When I later discovered that cast hole covers had rusted through, it became to  much. This meant that I had to lift engine. The garage was not ready and therefore I had no inside place for doing it. All my feelings was not ready for such a operation. I got time at a car garage outside Hedemora. They could fix my problems but not until September. I put an ad in a motor paper and listen I got an answer from a boy in Norrtälje. He came here and looked at the car and perhaps he was in the same situation as I was when buying this car.
Cadillac Coupé deVille for sale. ref 1 Cadillac Coupé deVille for sale. Ref 1 Parked on new garage area. Ref 1 Parked on new garage area. Ref 1
He had already decided. My price was Skr 90000 and as I had several interested parties, I raised with another 5000.  He accepted. Although he had not those 5000 but his girl friend borrowed him the money. I was saved from this purchase to the next half god one.
But I must say that this was a nice car to drive although there were no automatics like electrical windows and cruise control. I can say with result in my hands that if I had repaired these defects, installed new shock absorbers and hi-jackers in rear I had saved much money and much work, compared what I spent on coming ones.
I had this car only for 2 months in my hands. I can be lucky I got money back.
I met the buyer some years later at a market in Norrtälje. The roof was newly painted in a matching tone. Otherwise I didn't see anything special. The owner told me that he had fixed all faults as said when buying and also partly dressed the seats. He had also fixed the cast hole covers. Since then the car was fine. Now his girl friend was pregnant and they needed the money for a more serious life between them.
A control with the central car registry shows that after him it has had 3 owners. The last is by coincidence nearby me in Surahammar. This without knowing each other. Yearly inspection says also that the car still has gearbox leakage

Next car became a Lincoln Continental. 1975.


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