MGF 1998. Ref 1
MGF 1998. Ref 1
My sport cars
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MGB Cab 1965. Ref 1
MGB with built hard top 1965. Ref 1
MGB with hard top. This photo I have got from a later owner. Which one I don't know. The car has not been changed and look just like when I owned it. The car was bought from Kjell Wallin a well known race driver workshop owner. Year modell was 1965 and the car was dismantled and stored in his workshop in Traneberg Stockholm at that time. The prize was ready to go and Kjell promised to put all the parts together. I understood that Kjell wasn't so fond of this job so I went there in order to help him, I mean force him to start. The car had only a soft top. Short after  I bought a hard top which was mounted after some work. That's the you can see in the photo. Year was autumn 1967-68. 1969 my wife and I were on tours with first child lying in the back seat. It was Maria who started her life in this way. It became some racing to but nothing to mention. The car had a final end which made the engine to rev more. Good for track. Later I bought a final end more suitable for road, but it was never mounted. This gear has followed me to this day. You can find it on may for sale site.
Triumph Herald 1962. Ref 1 Contract for a new Herald 1962. Ref 1

I don't tell you my cars in the right time order, but a Triumph Herald came later in my hands bought at Wohlin Cars in Stockholm and the trade-in car was a BMC Austin. Equipped only with a 1200 cc engine it was very slow but was very good looking.  The rear end was equipped with swing axle and the car handles like a Skoda from late 50th or VW although a VW had more weight on the swing. Well the car couldn't be driven so fast, but car was to be taken in close bends. It was a really nice cab. I made a trade-in car after one month and bought instead a MG Midget. Heard later that the new owner had crashed the rear end. Anyway I would very much like to own one copy to-
Porsche 924. Ref 1

day just to drive in a quite nice sunny day.
When I worked in Finspång during the 90th at Alfa-Laval which later was changed to Siemens one of the employer owned a Porsche 924 and he wanted to sell. I bought I quite cheap and brought it home on a trailer and car in front was my Cadillac Seville 1975. At that company they had a funny way of treating consulting engineers. We were just like people who were supposed to work, not members. We were treated like second class of human beings. Well it was bad times for jobs so it was just to keep mouth shut. I worked most of the time at steam turbine. At gas turbine department it was much worse. The Porsche was though built from VW parts with a trimmed Golf engine and in the rear a VW type 1 gear transmission. The engine top had a crack between two valves. To get a new original Porsche cylinder head was not to think upon because of cost. Instead I bought a used Golf head and it fit at once. Later I sold the car to a boy in Wirsbo and he sold it also and so on. Went into VoV to see it's id paper of today I found that the car had got lots of new owners. It had not been approved for several years and had lots of remaining faults noted. That's the story of such a car when young people handle it.
MGF 1998. Ref 1
MGF 1998. Ref 1
I had a good salary, most because of plenty overtime, during my time at Kontima Consulting and had money that burned my pockets 2003. Now I was so old that I could go back to my roots. I search for a MGF and I found one that had not been driven more than 19000 km. It was to be found in Nyköping and the owner lived outside in a summer like haouse and work at Volvo selling shop. Bjarne Gustavsson and I went there and I bought it including hard top. The car was in mint condition. The only fault was that it was lowered so it was not any movement left for the wheels. I went to LO:s car in Västerås who was a reseller and they put in more pressure in the hydrolastic system. With this car I made a journey to Essing in the south of Germany. I came there 11 pm in the evening after driving directly from Rostock over 9000 km. Without my GPS I had never found my way. Got a bier and throw up because of fatigue. It was not a nice introduction coming to a new girl friend. The car was some years later sold to a plumber in Kungsbacka.
MG ZR 160 2002. Ref 1
MG ZR 160 2002. Ref 1
My daily used Ford Escort started to be unsure autumn 2003 and I realized that it was time to make a trade-in. I was retired from work and could afford to buy a new car.  I went to all reseller in the Västerås area and could not find any in the prize level I wanted.  By a coincidence I was in at LO:s car and there a MG ZR was parked telling me here I am. This car had the same engine as my former MGF and it was also equipped with ABS and AC. Nice rims and splendid upholstery and what's more important the name was MG. At that time BMW owned the mark but sold it later to China does me nothing. The car is good driving and will serve me for many years if not I win a Bingo fortune or on V75 horses. The truth became something else.

My first car Fiat 600 -55. Ref 1
My first car Fiat 600 -55. Ref 1
My other standard cars
Text and pictures  Björn Bellander

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Me and my Fiat on the way to Revinge 1959. Ref 1
Me and my Fiat on the way to Revinge 1959. Ref 1
My lovely white VW Beetle 61. Ref 1
 My lovely white VW Beetle 61. Ref 1
Golf TDI worked several years. Ref 1
Golf TDI worked several years. Ref 1
My Honda 1600 LE worked also several years. Ref 1
 My Honda 1600 LE worked also several years. Ref 1
VW LE was family car and also fire rescue car at KInnekulle Ring. Ref 1
VW LE was family car and also fire rescue car at KInnekulle Ring. Ref 1
Nissan Bluebird bought at Philipsson in Västerås. Ref 1
Nissan Bluebird bought at Philipsson in Västerås. Ref 1
I have gathered other daily cars in my life on this page. My very first car was a Fiat 600 1955. This car I owned already before I graduated at school  in Strängnäs. I had no knowledge of cars and engines, but it was a quick car and had good handling. With this car I drove to my military service in Revinge Moor in south of Sweden.
Next one was a Volkswagen Beetle 1961 for some years in the
60th. The car had minimal with heating and much less when the heating chamber were rusted. 1968 I married down in Skåne. It was my ex wife's father who paid wedding and I have found that he was the only proper person in her family. Anyway driving home on the 7 of January 1968 it was a really cold day and the heater could not keep the windshield free from mist and ice. At last I had to heat it with my hand and got a small hole to see the road. This is something to remember from that time.
I worked about 9 years at Hedemora Diesel. Here we constructed big ship diesel engines and they were aimed for sub marines. I worked for the Swedish and Australian submarines. It was a good time with nice work mates. Therefore I put much interest on work there. Jan-Erik Falk and Kalevi Broman were two of my closest workmates. To drive there from Wirsbo I had first a Passat Kombi Diesel and later a Golf TDI and lastly a Honda 1600. During the summers I drove there with either a BMW 900 or a Kawasaki 400. I drove 120 km a day. During my period 1970th at SSK-Racing I had bought a VW LE kombi. This car was a nice family car and also could be used as fire

Ford Escort VIP. Ref 1
Ford Escort VIP. Ref 1
rescue car. In the luggage room we put a 50 kg fire extinguisher. Now the race was fire secured!? Later thinking no one could handle this powder bomb. This VW had a good gene for rusting. The cause was that VW had pressed in expandable powder just to keep the driving sound down. When the car was for sale I lied that it was nice and no rust. I had to admit my fault when the buyer showed that the doors outside panels was loose. The car became later a Folk-Race car.
Before the Honda and Golf TDI I had a Nissan Bluebird. With 3 kids I needed a bigger car. It was a good family car but had a too weak engine for it's weight. It was soon trade-in for a 2 Honda Civics. One for my wife and one for me. This Honda was a good car for me and I used it for many years.
Last car before MGZR was a Ford Escort VIP. I answered on an ad and went to the parking place in BMW Z4 2003Barkarby old air field. I had it several years till the ignition modul broke down outside Ludvika. When it was traded-in for a MGZR for 2400 Skr it showed that the body was heavily rusted. Funny now one don't admit such things until it is sold.
Look in the Swedish version at my absolute last car which I bought to myself at my 84 birthday. It is a BMW Z4. 

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